Meet the D&AD Impact Council

The D&AD Impact Council is made up of senior figures from across the creative, social entrepreneur, Venture Capital and NGO space and exists to support and represent D&AD Impact’s mission to drive creativity that powers change.

Betise Head

International Media Consultant

Her work as Press Officer/Director of Communications to Triple F1 World Champion Ayrton Senna, is cited & studied in Communication & Media Skills courses in various Universities in Betise Head’s native Brazil. From 1989 till 1994 Senna’s untimely death, Betise travelled with the charismatic driver all over the world as the 1st personal Press Officer in the sport. Fluent in 5 languages she helped to set up not only a series of anecdotal columns in various countries in the World - Brazil, Japan & Germany amongst them - but also an innovative strategy to promote Senna’s world wide image and licensing products.

During this period, Betise also supported and provided strategy to many charities and NGOs linked to Formula 1 and to Senna’s heart, lifting their visibility and improving their credibility through high profile connections and business. This involvement brought her, later on, close to Projects like ABC (Action for Brazil’s Children - and Gol de Letra ( both supporting grassroots community projects and focused in Education. Together they help nearly 20.000 vulnerable children and adolescents every year.

Over 30 years engaged in Sports - one of the first women to do so in Brazil - , Betise has worked in 4 Olympic Games, including London 2012 and Rio 2016 where she was an integral part of the Media Team dealing with the thousands of journalists and broadcasters. Her ‘pet love’ there was the sustainable and environmental legacy work. Betise has been described as “someone who will never be silent when she should speak out; she’ll never turn away when she can help and she’ll never walk when she can run. Her mind is full of thoughts and her heart is full of hope”.