Meet the D&AD Impact Council

The D&AD Impact Council is made up of senior figures from across the creative, social entrepreneur, Venture Capital and NGO space and exists to support and represent D&AD Impact’s mission to drive creativity that powers change.

Paco Conde

Founder & ECD Activista

Paco is behind some of the ideas that had a great impact not just on the award shows but, more importantly, in the real world.

A social experiment about beauty conducted by an FBI sketcher and viewed by 180 million people.

The first organ donation card for a soccer team that increased 61% organ donations and saved dozens of lives.

Mothers of hooligans as stewards during the most violent game of the season, reducing the incidents to zero.

A training program to help tattoo artists to detect signs of skin cancer followed by thousands of artists across Brazil.

A series of photos exhibited in the Parliament of the UK, featuring 72 people from the 72 countries where same-sex relations are illegal, sharing a same-sex kiss.

During his career, Paco has been Creative Director at Sra Rushmore Madrid, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Brazil, Group Creative Director at BBH London, and Executive Creative Director and Partner at Anomaly LA.