Meet the D&AD Impact Council

The D&AD Impact Council is made up of senior figures from across the creative, social entrepreneur, Venture Capital and NGO space and exists to support and represent D&AD Impact’s mission to drive creativity that powers change.

Paul Herz

Director, Manufacturing Operations Facebook

Paul is currently a director leading manufacturing operations at Building 8 and Oculus AR/VR, Facebook’s hardware divisions focused on creating products to build community and make positive impact for the 2 billion humans using the platform ecosystems. He is passionate about helping startups get off the ground and enabling technologies that advance the human condition.

Prior to Facebook, Paul led new product introduction at Apple focused on Asia Pacific operations and high volume manufacturing for iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and Audio product lines. He has worked bringing several hundred million devices into the hands of others to empower and change their lives and has extensive international experience in China, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Vietnam, India, and Europe.

Paul was born in South Africa and has unbridled enthusiasm for both kitesurfing and riding motorcycles. He completed his undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in Engineering Physics and received his doctorate in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.