Meet the D&AD Impact Council

The D&AD Impact Council is made up of senior figures from across the creative, social entrepreneur, Venture Capital and NGO space and exists to support and represent D&AD Impact’s mission to drive creativity that powers change.

Roshi Givechi

Design Consultant & Storyteller

After wrapping up 19 hearty years with IDEO, 2018 marks the start of Roshi Givechi's independent creative sabbatical - a window for her to explore the intersection of narrative/film + technology + design more deeply. She balances her time working on personal projects, collaborating with others on their initiatives, and consulting. As a designer or most recently a Partner and Executive Design Director at IDEO, Roshi brings inspiration from choreography to dissect the many parts that come together to make a greater whole - whether designing for better cities, products, services, or shaping stories themselves. Having worked across the California, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and New York studios over the years, she has channeled her global exposure to amplify creative solutions, as well as shape internal company culture to inspire designers and clients alike. At the end of the day, Roshi recognizes the power design has to help us all address challenges in elegant and impactful ways, wants to spotlight the resilience and beauty in humanity through simple stories, and gets reenergized when she gets to work "in the field" from time to time.

Roshi has appreciated opportunities to teach (California College of Arts, Stanford University in New York) and learn (MFA Art Center College of Design, SVA NYC, UnionDocs). She was named "one of the top 40 leading design innovators" by I.D. Magazine back in the day, has been a juror for D & AD Awards, the Clio's, the Art Directors Club and is featured in Daniel Coyle's 2018 book, "The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups". She's on the first Advisory Council for the Sundance Institute Theater Group and is a pleased member of NYWIFT which exposes her to a potpourri of stories and filmmakers in this chapter.