‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Amnesty International

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Good Campaign of the Week is a regular feature that, like our prestigious D&AD White Pencil, celebrates creative social good campaigns. Each Monday, together with Branding Magazine, we highlight a new project from across the globe that demonstrates a positive social message with innovation at its heart – showcasing the brands and businesses using creativity to do well by doing good. 

The #Tramnesty Amnesty International Social Good Campaign

Brand: Amnesty International Belgium
Agency: Ogilvy Brussels

Earlier this year, the people of Scotland had the opportunity to decide their own future. The country turned out in their millions to cast their vote on whether they would maintain its union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, or become an independent nation. For the past month, a spirited debate has captivated both countries. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have an opinion on the issue; either at work, in public, on TV, or across social media.

At a time like this, it’s easy to forget that such freedom of expression isn’t necessarily for everyone, and that’s the message behind this thought-provoking campaign from Amnesty International in Belgium.

#Tramnesty is a special tram (decked out in the Amensty yellow) that travelled around the town of Ghent over the summer. In the UK practically anyone can take to Twitter, but in some countries social media has been outright blocked by governments and ruling authorities. To highlight this fact, unsuspecting passengers on Amnesty’s tram found themselves similarly censored.

When passengers attempted to log on to the supposedly free WiFi, they found themselves met with the message: “During this short journey you can not express your opinion on the Internet. For millions of people who are censored, this is a daily experience.” It’s a small inconvenience that no doubt many found unamusing and disruptive. But with this a way of life for a great number of people around the world, it proved an original and innovative way for Amnesty to get passengers to think about an issue they might not have previously, even considered.

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