D&AD Impact 2017 Judges


At this year's D&AD Impact Awards judging, we selected six of the judges from across different creative disciplines to comment on the key trends impacting the industry. Together, they identified key campaigns that have helped move the creative industries a step closer to positive change throughout the world.

How are new technologies impacting real-world problems?

Haiyan Zhang, D&AD Impact 2017 Health and Wellness judge, discusses the empowering potential of technology, as seen in this year’s winning entries.

The Future of Creativity for Good

D&AD Impact 2017 Judge Thomas Kolster shares his insights and observations from this year’s entries and the issues we will face in 2018.

How Creativity Can Revolutionize Environmental Sustainability

Aline Santos Farhat, EVP Global Marketing, Unilever) and D&AD Impact 2017 Jury President for Environmental Sustainability, calls for creatives to step up as a driving force for environmental action.

Brands at the Forefront of Humanitarian Causes

Chrysi Philalithes, Chief Digital Officer, (RED), looks at the trends coming to light through the Humanitarian Aid category at D&AD Impact Awards 2017.

Using Online to Connect Offline

Eli Pariser (CEO, Upworthy) discusses the work that stood out in the D&AD Impact 2017 Community category.

A Positive Step Towards Change

Claudia Romo Edleman, Special Advisor, UNICEF and D&AD Impact 2017 Judge, shares the positive changes that are improving our societies in terms of social justice, activism, and other industries.

D&AD Impact seeks to identify and celebrate great, transformative ideas that contribute towards a better, fairer and more sustainable future for all.



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